Gelda Bográn Linares is currently studying for a master's degree in Biogenic Resource Technology at the Technical University of Munich. She studied her bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology at the Pan-American School of Agriculture, El Zamorano, in Honduras, where she discovered her interest in sustainability and how industries should change their traditional way of working to a more sustainable one.

Her main focus now is the transition to green energy in the industrial sector, especially in developing countries. In the future, Gelda wants to be part of that transition in her country and in the world, driving innovative solutions.
Like her alma mater's motto „Labor Omnia Vincit“ (work conquers all), Gelda is certain that a sustainable future can be achieved when all are willing to work for it every day. Although the process may seem long, every day counts and every day is a breakthrough, an adventure and a learning experience.

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