The DZM will contribute to the further development of Germany as a mobility location into an internationally visible pioneer for the mobility of the future. The DZM orchestrates a network structure that bundles existing cross-modal and intersectoral capacities and resources and creates new ones in a targeted manner.

The DZM headquarter in Munich brings together the network's diverse activities and topics and communicates them to the outside world. The main instruments of the headquarter are

•    Think Tank
•    Mobility Academy
•    Public relations

DZM branch offices will be opened throughout Germany in Annaberg-Buchholz, Karlsruhe, Minden and Hamburg. The DZM is strategically and professionally chaperoned by the founding advisory board, chaired by Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann. The advisory board currently consists of 4 working groups. The topics covered are the Mobility Academy, Think Tank, Startup Funding and Endowed Professorships.

TUMint supports the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) operationally in the DZM start-up phase until the end of 2021. TUMint provides the office infrastructure at Munich Urban Colab and also takes over organizational and strategic tasks of the DZM preopening office. The coordination of the DZM founding advisory board also falls within the scope of TUMint.

The German Center for Future Mobility (DZM) will be restructured and expanded in line with the coalition agreement.