“Participating in the job application simulation gave me the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on my application documents and on my appearance in the job interview - directly from a company employee who is an expert in this.” – Anna Tröbs, class of 2020/21

„To connect with other female students, share experiences and work in group sessions together was the best part for me. There is so much support within the group, which motivates you to further follow your career goals.“ – Carina Sengl, class of 2020/21

Events for Mentors and Mentees

Kick-off event
At the beginning of mentorING, you will get a profound introduction. You will get information about the program and about your role as a mentee or mentor. Of course, you will also meet your mentor / mentee. Additionally, the introduction workshops will offer the chance to get to know the other participants.

mentorING-Networking Event
The event serves to connect all participants (students, mentors and company representatives). The framework of the "Kaminabend" forms a panel discussion on a career-topic which is relevant for all sides.

Workshop "Managing Gender & Diversity"
The gender training offers mentees and mentors the opportunity to reflect their own behavior together with representatives of other companies. Thus, they can examine and question their own gender role, develop more understanding for each other and discover new possibilities of communication.

Final Event
At the end of the year, you will assess the mentorING year together. How did it help? Was it successful? During the final session, it will be worked out how the experiences and insights gathered during the course of mentorING can be used in the future.

Events for Mentees

myMentorING seminar - Determination of current Position and Destination
A solid life and career planning is the prerequisite for a successful career. The event provides you with the most important orientation factors for planning your future and supports you in defining your own future outline.

Application Training
A special feature of mentorING is the intensive and practically oriented application training, in which application situations are simulated with the support of HR representatives of Munich-based companies. Like this, you are prepared in the best possible way for the current requirements of the labor market.

Events of Partner Companies
In addition to the meetings and workshops at the TUM and the participating companies, the mentorING partner companies offer various company and factory visits, which give the students an insight into the professional world and the respective company.

Events for Mentors

Workshop for Mentors “Consulting-Know-How”
The mentors will be given interesting insights into the topic of counseling and various models are presented which support them in their role within the mentorING program.