The three most important rankings in the academic world now all agree that the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is the best university in Germany. 👏  This makes TUM the first to win this triple crown!  👑 👑 👑
And it even gets better – according to the renowned British magazine "Times Higher Education",
TUM is also ranked number 1 in the European Union and rises to one of the best 30 universities in the world. 🌎

We as TUM International GmbH are thrilled to be part of this thriving innovation ecosystem. 🤩

What stands out?  The performance of the university community!

That’s why TUM International GmbH is an excellent partner for the development of scientific sites, knowledge transfer and innovation ecosystems worldwide. We are your gateway to an outstanding university with cutting-edge research entities and incomparable industry connections!

This is a fantastic recognition of a university innovation ecosystem!