Technical University of Munich (TUM) is regarded as a benchmark university for KIU since its early planning in 2017. TUM appreciate KIU’s entrepreneurial spirit and its ambitions to set a new standard of Georgian excellence. Regarding future cooperation, TUM affirms its good will to enter in an exchange in interdisciplinary research and teaching. TUMs subsidiary TUM International GmbH has supported planning, establishment and construction of KIU, as well as first exchange programs between lecturers are being prepared.

TUM International GmbH further has supported KIU in the development of the university campus, the management structure, transfer strategies and educational programs. A Georgia office of TUM International, led by Mrs. Eva-Maria Knirsch, has been opened in 2020 to ensure a long-term collaboration. The Georgian office shall become a platform for academic-industrial partnerships between Georgia and Germany. It will help to develop the KIU campus into an international ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship and to become a driving force and a partner for the most important economic and social stakeholder in the region.

For 2021, KIU and TUM International intend to deepen their cooperation in particular in the field of technology transfer. Joint think tank structures may be created in order to support the mobility of researchers, start-ups and public entities as well as fostering global cooperation with experts and stakeholders of the socioeconomic sector. KIU is currently setting up an Industry Council, headed by the former president of the TUM and honorary president of KIU Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann. TUM International and KIU will work together to allow full access to international network of research and industry partners in order to identify and kick-start highly innovative projects and partnerships.