Apply for an IDP (interdisciplinary project) in disruptive technologies and trends and get an outside-in perspective in technology innovation management at Siemens and the impacts on industry!
About Siemens RIE

The Siemens RIE Munich (managed by TUM International) is a unique ecosystem in which today's challenges are addressed collaboratively with future technologies. In collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, including universities, research institutes, partners from industry, startups, and government agencies, TUMint and Siemens are developing solutions to these challenges.
The Siemens RIE Munich combines the research excellence of a wide range of stakeholders and relies on a broad, regional and at the same time global network. In addition to traditional contract research, the RIE works closely with stakeholders in innovation projects and publicly funded research consortia and explores numerous other individual cooperation formats.

Project description
The objective is a broad-based trend and technology search in the field of foresight: What are the emerging topics and technologies the next 5-10 years?
For more information have a look at Siemens Innovation Ecosystem.

🎯 Project goals
Step 1: Broad trend and technology research
•    Trend and technology research e.g. screening of possible sources (e.g. Techblocks, Think Tanks, Uni Research, Social Media, World Economic Forum etc.) - but also other approaches are welcome. (There are no limits to the possibilities.)
•    Structuring into different clusters e.g. Digital Techs, Green Techs, Society
•    Output:
> Each trend/technology is described in a one-pager - what are the drivers/blockers (with first proof points) and what is the impact on industry/infrastructure/society?
> Presentation and research paper summarizing technologies, their short-/mid-/long-term effects and giving strategic recommendations

Step 2: Discussion of the results & impact in a workshop

•    Depending on the results and course of the project a detailed examination of some identified trends afterwards is conceivable

🎓 Your profile
•    Enthusiastic about innovation and technology trends
•    Ideally already some experience in innovation and technology management
•    Collaborative spirit and growth mindset
•    Structured approach, analytical skills

⭐️ We offer you
•    The chance to learn in depth about the latest technologies that will shape our future
•    The chance to learn about Munich’s innovation ecosystem
•    A project to dive into Siemens innovation departments (AI Lab, Next47)
•    Opportunities to take over individual responsibility and ownership
•    Guidance working close with our senior project managers (regular meetings and ad-hoc check-ins)
•    The possibility to collect hands-on experience

✈️ Timeline
•    3 months full-time or 4-6 months part-time
•    Starting the next possible date

📬 How to Apply
Be aware that only TUM students can apply and receive 12 ECTS for the project study / 16 ECTS for the interdisciplinary project (IDP). Check with your faculty and degree coordinators of the TUM School of Management or the Department of Informatics.

•    [ ] Short description of motivation
•    [ ] CV of all team members (single applicants are welcome)
•    [ ] Current transcript of record of all team members

👉 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (all files preferably summarized in a single PDF file)

We're greatly looking forward to hearing from you!