Project Study – International project development of an innovation ecosystem in Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 / Georgia 🇬🇪 / Kuwait 🇰🇼

Among others TUM International is supporting New Uzbekistan University (NUU) with enabling the formation of an innovation ecosystem and the formation of cross-stakeholder alliances with public and private actors.


🎯 Project goals - You will be responsible for

- building the infrastructure of e. g. Uzbekistan's start-up ecosystem including the conceptualization of an incubator/accelerator
- researching e. g. Uzbekistan's business opportunities of a technology transfer office integrated in a science and industry cluster
- developing an innovation strategy for e. g. New Uzbekistan University following the example of the TUM ecosystem


🎓 Your profile

- Enthusiastic about open innovation and international projects
- Passionate to gather intercultural experience and improve your interpersonal communication skills
- Structured approach, fluent business english and very good MS Office skills
- You are a TUM student and currently enrolled in a TUM study program that requires a project study


⭐️ We offer you

- the chance to learn about innovation ecosystems, international project development and equip yourself with problem-solving skills
- opportunities to take over individual responsibility and ownership, e. g. conducting a workshop if interested
- guidance working close with the CEO and senior project managers (regular weekly meetings and ad-hoc check-ins)
- the possibility to collect hands-on project management experience and present your results to a client


✈️ Timeline

- 3 months full-time or 4-6 months part-time
- Starting the next possible date


📬 How to apply

Be aware that only TUM students can apply and after successfull completion receive 12 ECTS. Check with your faculty and degree coordinators of TUM School of Management. Please note that you should apply as a team of 2-3 students; single applicants will be matched by us.

- [ ]  Short description of motivation
- [ ]  CV of all team members
- [ ]  Current transcript of record of all team members

👉 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (all files preferably summarized in a single PDF file)


We're greatly looking forward to hearing from you!