On February 26, 2018, the third annual CKI Conference at the TUM on "Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence" took place. The Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) is a joint institution of TUM and Siemens AG. It serves the purpose of promoting and deepening cooperation between both partners in the areas of technology transfer and talent development.

More than 130 participants from both TUM and Siemens AG followed CKI Manager Dr. Stefan März' invitation and took the opportunity to connect and network and also to share trends, collaborations and talk about the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Research at the TUM Vorhoelzer Forum.
Welcoming addresses were given by TUM President Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Herrmann and Siemens Management Board member Dr. Roland Busch, who both stressed the importance of university-industry collaboration. Afterwards the hosting CKI Manager, Dr. März, provided an overview of the strategic cooperation of the two long-standing partner institutions. Joined by his co-hosts Fabian Rhein from Siemens CT and Catharina Vos, the CKI Manager explained in which areas Siemens and TUM work together, presented President Herrmann and Dr. Busch with AI-generated gifts and led the audience through the agenda.
The keynote speech of the day was given by Dr. Michael May from Siemens, the Head of Technology Field and Company Core Technology Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence. May talked about the way to go for creating Artificial Intelligence, bringing together pattern recognition, semantic knowledge and other elements. These deep insights into Siemens' research on one of the potentially most disruptive technology fields were followed by an inspiring tandem-talk on Trends in Machine Learning. Prof. Dr. Stephan Günnemann from the TUM Department of Informatics (Professorship of Data Mining and Analytics) and Dr. Ulli Waltinger (Research Group Head of Machine Intelligence, Siemens) talked passionately about trends and future challenges in Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks.
A second tandem talk focused on Semantics & Knowledge Graphs. Dr. Markus Rickert (Research Group Head of Robotics and Autonomous Driving, fortiss GmbH) and Dr. Steffen Lamparter (Research Group Head of Semantic and Reasoning, Siemens) were able to summarize to the audience a more than valuable overview on the current state of the art of the field.
Further talks on the Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp AI, on the Siemens MindSphere Application Center in Munich-Allach, the data-driven cooperation between Siemens, TUM and the FC Bayern Munich as well as the announcement of the Siemens TAPAS Community Challenge completed the 2018 CKI Conference’s agenda.
A Poster Contest on Artificial Intelligence-related PhD projects at TUM took place during the lunch break. A jury of Siemens experts selected the winning posters, which were rewarded with prize money.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Stefan März
Manager Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) at TUM (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)