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mentorING partner companies 2021-2022

Promoting Female Talents

mentorING has existed since 2002, making it the oldest and one of the most successful mentoring programs at Technical University of Munich (TUM). It supports female students with the orientation on the labor market as well as personal and professional development. The focus of the business-oriented program is the development of a reliable professional network as well as their personal and professional development of mentees. To that end, more than 60 renowned companies from the Munich region have already sent mentors. Workshops and trainings additionally offer the opportunity to discuss current professional issues. MentorING starts each winter semester.

"The exchange with my mentor, by sharing her experience and expertise and a lot of joint reflection, not only prepared me better for my professional future, but also helped me in my personal development." - Anna Tröbs, class of 2020/21

"The diverse exchange with the partner companies helped me to get an overview of different career entry opportunities and to sharpen my professional goals." – Corinna Weber, class of 2020/21

PDF flyer mentorING for Mentees in English
PDF flyer mentorING for Companies and Mentors in English

The program is based on four pillars:

One-on-one mentoring

One-on-one mentoring

One-on-one mentoring

Mentors of partner companies advise and support the participating students in their life, study and career planning over a year. Every mentee is accompanied by a personal mentor who corresponds to her study-field and her professional goals.

“Next to professional topics, my mentor and I have also discussed personal topics. Therefore, both of us could profit and we have developed a friendship.” – Katrin Hartmann, class of 2016/17

Mentoring is a proven concept in the development of personnel and young professionals. The foundation for this strategy is the direct and exclusive relationship between mentor and mentee. The mentor supports the mentee in developing her personality and her skills. Regular conversations enable the transfer of experience and knowledge from mentor to mentee.

Mentoring programs do not only make a valuable contribution to the support of women. For companies, the participation in mentoring-programs is an effective method for recruitment of high-potential female professionals.

During the mentorING year, the mentor and the mentee meet every four to six weeks. The relationship is supported by the regular events within the program. The program offers an opening, a feedback and a closing event as well as a workshop for mentors.

Professional qualification

Professional qualification

All participants complete a diverse seminar and training program. Topics include life and career planning, leadership competences and work-life-balance. A special feature of the program is the application training in which human resource managers of partner companies practice interviews with the mentees and give practical tips for the application process and interviews. Thus, mentees gain valuable information on their application and their appearance in a job interview.

mentorING offers different events, during which the participants can acquire a variety of different competences. These are not only relevant for a successful mentorING year, but are also helpful for their professional life in general.

A very special offer for mentees and mentors is the gender training. The event has the subtitle “Training for the dialogue as reliable partners” and is designed to encourage contemplation on dealings with the own and the opposite gender. During the workshop, typical male / female behavior is reflected to enable a change of attitude in young women and in companies.



mentorING introduces the participants into a professional and study-relevant network. The contact to mentees is just as important and sustainable for career advancement as the contact to mentors from participating companies.

The program actively supports and encourages network-building through joint events. This network will help mentees’ with their job entry and their future career. Mentors also benefit by building a network among each other.

Mentees also have the possibility to contact the mentors of other mentees anytime. Not every mentor is an expert for all questions of the participating mentees. For example, not all mentors have experience acquired abroad or have knowledge about whether a doctorate is helpful for the career.

Personal Development

Personal Development

mentorING also offers the opportunity to develop personally. Together with the mentor, strengths and opportunities can be reflected. The mentor also helps to define personal goals in a realistic manner and provides tools to achieve them.

TUM International GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Technical University Munich is acting as an interface for the mentorING program. The concept of mentorING was developed and is carried out in cooperation with Cross Consult GbR. The implementation of the program is currently supported by
  1. attempto GmbH & Co. KG
  2. IT4IPM - IT for Intellectual Property Management GmbH
  3. Knorr-Bremse AG
  4. Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
  5. MaibornWolff GmbH

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