Information for Companies

Information for Companies

In the labor market it is becoming more and more important to get to know potential employees before they graduate.

MentorING gives you that chance!

The mentorING program has existed since 2002 and has since cooperated with more than 60 renowned companies from the Greater Munich area. During the program, partner companies have the opportunity to meet talented female junior employees and to present their own company at various events. As a result, many partner companies were already able to recruit qualified female graduate.

As a partner company of the mentorING program your company has many advantages:

  • Send employees from different departments and they will be matched with students of the Technical University of Munich - mentors from partner companies are matched with priority.
  • Present your company at an in-house event in your organization, usually associated with an event of the regular program. More information about the events can be found under „Program“.
  • Meet students of the Technical University of Munich and get to know them personally for over a year.
  • Use mentorING in your recruiting activities.
  • Employees of your company are supported in their role as mentors through specific seminars and events.
  • Participate with human resource managers in the annual application training, where you can get an even better impression of the mentees.

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