Higher education institutions (HEIs) must be catalysts for the #transformation towards #sustainability! 🎓
Following years of efforts and innovative initiatives across disciplines, sustainability has been officially integrated into Technical University of Munich's vision and action plan.

Published at the end of October, the TUM Sustainable Future Strategy 2030 has been made public on TUM's first Sustainability Day. 🗓

The strategy highlights actions in six main areas:
⭐️ Research
⭐️ Teaching and continuing education
⭐️ Entrepreneurship and innovation
⭐️ Campus operations and resource management
⭐️ Governance and university community
⭐️ Communication and global engagement

We, at TUM International GmbH, strongly believe that a #sustainable #innovation #ecosystem must have at its core a HEIs that is equally dedicated to the sustainability agenda.

Our service offerings are help universities to:
👉 EMPOWER --> build university #leadership for sustainability
👉 SHAPE --> integrate #sustainability in campus operations
👉 ENABLE --> design and activate sustainable innovation ecosystems
👉 EDUCATE --> co-create education curriculum and for #sustainable #entrepreneurship

Contact us to support you on the journey of deeply integrating sustainability into the DNA of your university! 🚀


President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann presents the Sustainable Futures Strategy 2030                                Picture credits: Andreas Heddergott / TUM