On October 17th 2022, we had the pleasure to welcome on the Technical University of Munich's campus in Garching an excellent delegation of economic development policy makers, academics, innovation hubs, chamber of commerce and technology parks representatives, and other technical experts from Bosnia-Herzegovina

We had great conversations with the colleagues from Bosnia-Herzegovina on the first day of their week-long visit in #Bavaria

✅  After a warm welcome from Kathrin Albrecht, we introduced the delegation to TUM International GmbH's role in the #innovation #ecosystem, our core competences, and reference projects.
✅  Georgeta (Vidican) Auktor, Ph.D. led an input session on key opportunities and challenges associated with the #greentransformation and implications for SMEs.
✅  We then reflected together on key take aways for Bosnia-Herzegoniva’s green transition given its main development goals and sectoral priorities.
✅  Prof. Thomas Hamacher, TUM Chair of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems, closed the discussion with a reflection on the role of renewables in the transition process.
✅  An informative campus tour led by Kathrin Albrecht was a successful end of the day.
We shared so many common values and development aspirations with the colleagues in #bosniaandherzegovina! Looking forward to future collaborations! ✨
➡️ Contact us if you are interested in such a peer-exchange visit at TUM International GmbH and Technical University of Munich!