How can building innovation ecosystems support a country’s economic growth?
What does the 3rd Mission of universities mean in practice and how to build up strong partnerships between academia and industry?

 These were just some of the questions that the KIUInnovate Business Forum, organized by our partner Kutaisi International University together with us TUM International, tackled last week.
To share our main take-aways:
➾ Universities are the key for a sustainable development of a country! (by President Emeritus of TUM, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann)
➾ Having a joint vision and creating trust is essential for strong partnerships and collaboration!
➾ It’s all about the people!
➾ Future isn’t a solo trip … but cooperation, networking and team-work! (by Stefanie Kisgen) ✨
A big thanks to all the great speakers, panelists and the wonderful KIU team for making it work 🤗!
Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, Stefanie Kisgen, Nathalie von Seyfried, Karina Sotnik, Téa Kekelidze, David Zitoun, Zeev Zalevsky, Walter Tichy, Colin M. Donohue, Magda Magradze, Alexander Tevzadze, Ramaz Bochorishvili, Natia Zedginidze, Irakli Nadareishvili MSc MRICS, Halil M. Guven, Steffen Sirries, our TUMint team Friederike Hettinger and Kathrin Albrecht and many more.
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