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General information and appointments:


Close collaboration between companies and universities is an essential foundation for an innovation driven economy. TUM International leverages its expertise to identify appropriate research partners and to facilitate innovation and technology transfer projects, for example with renowned multinational enterprises such as Siemens and Evonik.

Therefore, the work of TUM International goes far beyond the mere direct matching of research partners for bilateral exchange or research projects. It also supports the establishment of clusters of expertise on relevant research topics and provides a platform for participants to establish new collaborations by organising conferences and workshops. In addition, TUM International manages and promotes high-level industry-academia & research-government exchanges to sustainably strengthen long-term strategic cooperation and harness synergies. Where appropriate, other stakeholders such as startups, regional developmet agencies, foundations, or civil society are integrated into innovative cooperation strategies. As such, TUM international optimally tailors various platforms for knowledge and technology transfer to the individual objective and needs.